Beside every happy husband stands an even happier wife…

Here come the wives: 
Michelle, Kaya, Shaina, and Tashi:
Married for sex, married for duty, married for money, and married for protection, each of these beautiful, billionaire brides was denied the wedding she desired. Although their lives are filled with love, children, and demanding careers, they still fantasize about walking down the aisle and giving themselves away to the men of their dreams.

There stand the husbands:
Erik, Bryce, Massimo, and Adamo:
These powerful billionaires weren’t looking for love when they enticed each of their lovely brides to say, “I do”, but love found them in the most serendipitous ways. Happily married with adorable children, and eager to please their women, they set business aside to plan a romantic group honeymoon they hope will win their wives’ hearts all over again...

But when circumstances arise—a death in the family, demons from the past, a troubling revelation, and an unforeseen nemesis—will the Fabulous Four couples cave to the pressures of life, or will they succeed in pulling off their spectacular group wedding, and finally jet off to their private island honeymoon where sizzling passion awaits?

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Each of their families had had to let go of something or someone in their lives this past week. The LaCrosses said goodbye to Sarah. The Fontaines faced past hurts and moved beyond anger. The Andreases dealt with the horrors of Tashi’s mother’s death, and saw justice prevail. Mass said goodbye to his beloved Jabari, the oldest and most valuable friend he’d ever had, and he’d solved the mystery of the person who’d called his mother.

The rain had stopped hours ago; the clouds had rolled back, and the sun had appeared, bringing hope that the worst was behind them.

After leaving Galen, he’d walked into the private dining room across the hall to find three generations of LaCrosses, Fontaines, Andreases, and two generations of Andrettis bumping and rocking to R. Kelly’s “Joyful People.” Even Alex and Fiona—the youngest ones in the family—had been rocking in their walkers. It had been the boost Mass needed after the morning he’d had—the week he’d had. He’d never been more confident about his future, more content with his life as when he’d picked up his daughter from the floor and danced with her and her mother.

Today was the first day of a new chapter in all their lives, and they’d started it off with an eight-course lunch with their entire families, including the grandparents, Steven, Libby, and their daughter, Jenna, and Pastor Kelly and his family. The guests, the grandmothers, the wives, and the kids had left shortly after lunch to give the men some time together since their bachelors’ party had been canceled yesterday, due to Sarah’s funeral and Mass’ absence. The grandfathers had left after the game, giving their sons time alone before the wives rejoined them for a sunset dinner cruise on the Andreas yacht around Crystal Lake. They’d also hired a live band for some dancing.

Their hectic schedules, and travels abroad, made it impossible for them to get together often as a whole group, so they cherished moments like these—Sunday afternoons when they were all home and could just kick back and relax after church. These Sunday dinners were for their children as much as they were for the adults. It was important that their children saw them socializing as one big extended family. They wanted them to love and trust each other, to never feel that they were alone in the world.

Bryce and Kaya stepping in to take care of Michael and Lauren’s children had made them all realize how imperative it was that they remain in close contact with each other, so that their children could grow up together, and hopefully love and care for each other like their parents did. They’d pledged to be there for each other’s children if, God forbid, any became orphans.

Mass placed the four mugs on a tray and took it over to where they’d been sitting near a window overlooking the lake. And not a moment too soon, he thought as his friends returned, poking and wrestling each other, and racing like little boys to grab the chair nearest the wall.

Anyone watching them cavort would think they were drunk, but they weren’t—well, not from alcohol. They’d made a rule never to drink on Sundays since it was the families’ get-together day.

They were high on love and happiness.

“So what’s this I hear about Jason and Precious kissing?” Mass set the cups on the serving tables near each chair and took his seat among his friends. “Shaina gave me a snapshot version, but I’d love to hear more.

Erik’s humor dwindled at Mass’ question. They’d discussed every topic, but that all afternoon. He wasn’t thrilled about revisiting that subject, but it was only fair that Mass was brought up to date. They shared everything, and besides, he should know, in case Precious and Jason tried to pull one over on him during a visit to Andretti estate. “Apparently my daughter and Jason shared their first kiss,” he said, picking up his cup of cappuccino, and raising the scalding liquid to his lips.

“A real kiss?” Massimo asked with raised eyebrows.

Bryce sent Erik a rueful glance. He gave him a lot of credit, because if it were his daughter, he would have demanded Jason stay away from her until she was older. He figured that Erik’s experience of no premarital sex with Cassie played a big role in his decision to let Precious date.
His daughter. His decision.

He, Erik, Michelle, and Kaya had sat down with Jason and Precious after the funeral yesterday and set some ground rules for them to follow. They hadn’t been happy, since all they were allowed to do was hold hands and kiss on the cheeks for no more than five seconds, tops. They were not to fondle each other nor swap any kind of bodily fluids, or else… “As real as a kiss can get,” Bryce told Massimo when he realized that Erik had deliberately tuned out.

Massimo whistled. “Wow. Jason is starting early. Those hormones have kicked in, huh?”

“No earlier than you,” Adam reminded his cousin. “You had your first French kiss at twelve, and God knows what else you had at that age.” Adam had his suspicions about Massimo and Dafne, but Mass would never deny or admit to having sex with her. If Paul and Dafne ever became a couple, Massimo would have to come clean. Paul would have a right to know. “The rest of us were much older,” he added. “Even Bryce, the second runner-up in the group, didn’t have his first real kiss until he was sixteen.”

“More power to Jason, then.” Mass raised his cup in toast.

“Hey!” Erik sent Mass a warning flash of his eyes. “It’s my daughter you’re talking about. Be a little sensitive.”

Mass set his cup on the table and leaned forward in his chair. “I’m sorry, Erik, but you knew that day was coming. They’re just growing. Discovering their sexuality. It’s harmless. They’re both good, sensible kids. I doubt they’ll do anything they shouldn’t. They were raised well. They have stellar role models as fathers.” He nodded perfunctorily at both Erik and Bryce. “And mothers.”

“Well, thanks for the flattery,” Erik said with a hint of sarcasm. “Let’s see if you’re still singing the same tune, in say… ten and a half years when some horny fourteen-year-old boy sticks his tongue down your twelve-year-old daughter’s throat.”

“That will never happen. As soon as Aria starts showing signs of puberty, I’m confining her to the estate and hiring a governess. She will have no interactions with boys until she’s twenty-five.”

“Yep. Spoken like a reformed man-whore, turned Daddy. You’ll hide her because you know boys that age think of one thing, and one thing only.” Bryce gloated with satisfaction.

“Precisely!” Mass slapped his hands against his thighs.

“Good luck with that,” Bryce said, as they all burst into laughter.

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