The Tycoon's Temporary Bride

Since he was left standing at the altar, Adamo Andreas has been a bit bride-shy. This handsome, sexy CEO is quite content with his temporary relationships, until the day he literally bumps into Tashi Holland. One look into Tashi’s frightened, emerald eyes and Adam finds himself falling into his old habit of rescuing damsels-in-distress—something he’s sworn never to do again, since the moment he begins to rescue a damsel-in-distress is the moment he begins falling for her.

Tashi Holland is running from a man whose identity she doesn’t know, and looking for one who’s just as mysterious. Following the instructions of the FBI agent who rescued her from a New York City human-trafficking kingpin, Tashi arrives in Granite Falls, New Hampshire—the safe haven the agent has sent her to. But without the identity of the man who’s to protect her, Tashi feels lost, scared, and vulnerable. She has no idea whom to trust, so when she bumps into a man in a café, and finds herself locked in his arms, she panics and runs.

A near-death experience brings them together again, and slowly, but surely, Tashi begins to trust Adam, and eventually tells him about New York City and the FBI agent who died rescuing her. Will Tashi’s fear that Adam might suffer the same fate as the FBI agent keep her from accepting his offer of protection by becoming his temporary bride?

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