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Seduced by Passion

The truth could destroy them, or bind them together forever...

Since the tragic deaths of three close family members, Rapheus Giannopoulos has developed a reputation for being emotionally void and unavailable. When it comes to women and dating, physical gratification is all he is after. But Raph is forced to navigate through a sea of mixed emotions when his grandfather’s deathbed confession sends him into a world that is foreign to him, to a family he knew nothing about, and to a woman who brings him to his knees.

In business, Xiomara Davenport exudes confidence. Not so in relationships. She has been used, betrayed, and humiliated by men who promised to love her. Hiding behind the wall that surrounds her heart, Xio has all but given up on love. But both her confidence and defenses are shaken to the core when a rival threatens to destroy the life she has built, and a handsome stranger makes her question what she thinks she knows about herself.

As Xio and Raph attempt to honor a dying wish and solve a four-hundred-year-old mystery, they try to resist the relentless desires burning between them. A yearning as deep as theirs cannot be ignored, but will the truth destroy them, or bind them together forever?

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