The truth could destroy them, or bind them together forever...

To honor a dying wish, billionaire real estate developer, Rapheus Giannopoulos, travels to the Caribbean island of Akilina to scatter his grandparents’ ashes and deliver a letter to a young woman he doesn’t know. The moment they meet, Raph is enamored by her beauty and envisions her as the perfect playmate during his week-long stay. However, his plan to seduce her loses priority when he discovers his family’s mysterious link to the island and an age-old vow that could forever destroy the Giannopoulos’ bloodline.

Hotelier, Xiomara Davenport, is in hot water. To save the resort that has been in her family for generations, she accepted help from someone she thought she could trust. But when the loan is unexpectedly called in, Xio fears she will lose everything if she rejects her creditor’s terms. As she weighs her options, a young man, to whom she’s instantly and inexplicably drawn, walks into her office, and hands her a letter from a godfather she barely remembers, pressing her to make a decision that could change the trajectory of her life forever.

As they work to honor the old man’s wishes, Rapheus, the infamous playboy with no plans to settle down, and twice-jilted Xiomara, who has placed her heart on ice, find it impossible to resist the overwhelming passion burning between them, and eventually succumb to the lure and seduction of Akilina’s magical nights.

Will their newfound love survive once the truth about their families’ connection finally comes to light?




The doctor had warned that the one-hundred-and-six-year-old patriarch of the Giannopoulos family would not make it through the night.

Raph’s brothers, Neo and Tele, his three-year-old niece, Petra, and the descendants of Raph’s great-aunt, Illaria, had come to say their goodbyes this afternoon. After expressing his great love for his family, the old man had asked them to leave so he could spend his last moments with his favorite grandson.

A raw and primitive grief settled in Raph’s belly as he gazed down at the wraith-like body sleeping in the middle of the large bed. His skin had lost so much of its olive-tone complexion, he was almost indistinguishable from the white linen sheets on which he lay.

Raph closed his eyes and swallowed back a sob as he reached out and methodically stroked the wrinkled brow. It was exactly a week ago that he’d received the urgent call that the old man had taken gravely ill. The next day, he and his brothers had hopped on their company jet to be by his side. Raph so wished he’d spent more time with his pappoús, getting to know him better, learning more about his…

“The clock. You’ll take care of it?”

“Yes, Pappoús. I will take care of the clock.” Raph took a swift glance at the clock, tucked in a corner of the bedroom where it had been for as long as Raph could remember. As soon as he'd arrived at his bedside last week, his grandfather had reminded Raph of his twenty-seven-year-old promise he'd made to him. Raph grimaced at the thought that he would soon be the unenthusiastic owner of that monstrosity, but a promise was a promise, and...

“It’s my—my fault, to mikró mou gio.”

Raph stilled his stroking as the old man’s eyes fluttered open. “You’re fault for what, Pappoús?” he asked, happy that he still had some fight left in him. There was so much he wanted to talk about, so much he needed to know.

His grandfather swallowed, and took a few shallow breaths. “Every—thing. Cleon. GiannPort. Your—your father, and—and grandmother. They—they died be—because of me.”

Raph frowned in confusion. Why was his grandfather blaming himself for something that happened over twenty years ago? Had he suddenly become delirious in his last moments on earth? Or had he asked to be alone with Raph so he could make some kind of deathbed confession? Raph’s pulse pounded against his temples at the latter speculation.