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Although each book can be read as a stand-a-lone, your experience would be a lot more enjoyable if you read them in order.
Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls

Beyond Granite Falls - A Spin Off of Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls

Billionaire Island Brides - Akilina Connection
Consumed by Desire - Coming 2023

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Starting a business from home is an increasingly popular option for professionals who want to work and earn an income while still having flexibility. For authors, running a business is directly tied to their creativity, which adds an extra layer of detail to the process.

As I began to write the first draft of Seduced by Passion, set on my native island of Nevis, I had a “What If?” moment that arose after seeing Marvel’s Black Panther…

Meet Xiomara Davenport, CEO of Jewel Beach Resort in Akilina.

How do you feel about your story finally being told?
I’m a private person—you have to be when you’re living on a small island—and I don’t appreciate folks knowing my business,

Meet Rapheus Giannopoulos, the no-nonsense, billionaire real estate developer.

How do you feel about your story finally being told?
Well, I’ve always been a public figure, but I was hesitant because there were just too many nuances about my family history that I would have preferred remained buried in a cave.

The day has finally arrived when you can pre-order this Billionaire Island Brides series starter! Seduced by Passion will be out on December 26th and is available now for pre-order.
Read the first tear-jerking chapter below, then mark your calendars for December 26th.

At the end of April, I participated in a panel discussion at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College in St Kitts with other authors from St Kitts and Nevis. It was a pleasure to meet my fellow writers, chat with fans, and speak to a new audience about what drove me to write romance novels in the first place.

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