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With These Four Rings – eBook


The Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls Saga Continues…
Here come the wives:Michelle: Kaya, Shaina, and Tashi:Married for sex, married for duty, married for money, and married for protection, each of these beautiful, billionaire brides was denied the wedding she desired. Although their lives are filled with love, children, and demanding careers, they still fantasize about walking down the aisle and giving themselves away to the men of their dreams.
There stand the husbands:Erik: Bryce, Massimo, and Adamo:These powerful billionaires weren’t looking for love when they enticed each of their lovely brides to say, “I do”, but love found them in the most serendipitous ways. Happily married with adorable children, and eager to please their women, they set business aside to plan a romantic group honeymoon they hope will win their wives’ hearts all over again…
But when circumstances arise—a death in the family, demons from the past, a troubling revelation, and an unforeseen nemesis—will the Fabulous Four couples cave to the pressures of life, or will they succeed in pulling off their spectacular group wedding, and finally jet off to their private island honeymoon where sizzling passion awaits?
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