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The Tycoon’s Temporary Bride – eBook


A love-shy billionaire. A damsel-in-distress. Can this temporary marriage work, or will it complicate matters of the heart?
On the run from a human trafficker, Tashi Holland arrives in Granite Falls looking for the one man she was told could protect her. But without knowing his name or his identity, Tashi feels lost, scared, and vulnerable. She has no idea whom to trust, so when she bumps into a man in a café, who pays a little too much attention to her, she panics and runs.
Since he was left standing at the altar, Adam Andreas has been quite content with temporary relationships. That all changes the day he literally bumps into Tashi Holland. With one look into her frightened, emerald eyes, Adam finds himself falling into his old habit of trying to rescue damsels-in-distress—something he has sworn never to do again.
However, one late-night call from Tashi sends Adam rushing to her aid, and little by little, Tashi begins to trust him. But when she discovers that Adam is the man she has been looking for, she fears that he might suffer the same fate as the FBI agent who sent her in search of him.
Will Tashi conquer her fears and trust Adam to protect her, or will she go on the run again in order to protect him?
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