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Sometimes you just want a quick read to fill in an hour or two, something to give you a little edge to combat the stress of life and work. Sometimes you want it spicy and sometimes you want it sweet. These novellas feature charming hot hunks who will get your heart beating. Head on over to your favorite store, download, and enjoy. 

The Brit Who Loved Her - (Sweet) Introduces the town of Evergreen and everyone’s favorite Granite Falls hero, the fiercely protective Bryce Fontaine.

His Amber Sunset - (Spicy) - Takes place on an island inspired by my home island, Nevis and introduces Nia Sylk from The Playboy's Fugitive Bride. It is very “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”, and very, very sexy. Don't say I didn't warn you!

The Brit Who Loved Her

When Adrianna Evans arrives at her six-million-dollar lakeside mansion listing, imagine her shock when she discovers her client is none other than Duncan Bennett, the handsome Brit who had loved her and left her many years earlier.

With one look at Duncan, Adrianna’s knees begin to buckle and her heart starts racing out of control. She still longs for him; there is no doubt about that. But does she love him enough to forgive him for abandoning her?

His Amber Sunset

Recently divorced, Amber Nolan is not looking for romance, but when her best friend invites her to spend a week in the sun in the Caribbean, Amber meets a special kind of man who makes her question her decision to never fall in love again.

Mark Castel is charming, sexy, and looking for the woman of his dreams. After one, intense encounter, he thinks that woman is Amber, and sets out to put his mark on her.

Will Amber be able to fight the attraction between them, or will she give in and let Mark heal the hurt in her heart?

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