Dreams: Do They Really Know the Way?

We all have dreams. I’m not talking about the ones that invade our sleep at nights. We have waking dreams, the kind that haunt us on a daily basis. We all want to aspire to something, leave our mark on society, a legacy for our children, but sadly many of us stand by and watch our dreams sleep, slip through our fingers, die, or get crushed by others—sometimes unintentionally, and sometimes with intent.

Michelle Carter from The Doctor’s Secret Bride - Book One of the Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls series had dreams. Not just for herself, but also for the destitute kids in her neighborhood. Born into poverty on the wrong side of the tracks, Michelle worked hard to climb out of the ditch she’d been dropped into. She brought her dreams to fruition, only to have them destroyed by the malicious, selfish acts of another.

As she struggled through her pain of betrayal, Michelle screamed. She cried. She ranted. She raged. She vented, but she never wished harm or tried to get revenge on the person who wronged her. Neither did she curl up in a defeated ball of self-pity and die. Instead, she went back to the planning board and started creating another dream.

Michelle had no idea that her simple dream of just getting back on her feet would lead her into the path of handsome, sexy, billionaire Dr. Erik LaCrosse—the man of her—yes, you guessed it—Dreams…

Just imagine what would have, or not have happened if Michelle had been consumed with hate and spent her time plotting her revenge on the person who’d hurt her.

Michelle was not a quitter, either. She was a fighter, a survivor. When life tossed her number 2 pencils instead of Cross Gold pens, she outlined her next move. When it tossed her seed instead of full-grown trees, she planted and hoped for a harvest. When it tossed her roses, she sniffed them, smiled, and delighted in their beauty, even though she knew from experience that the thorns on those stems could prick her delicate fingers and make her bleed.

And they did make her bleed. Erik did break her heart. He hurt her. And even then, instead of becoming bitter and vengeful, Michelle whipped out her First-Aid kit and kept on fighting. She believed in her dreams. And eventually, they all came true.

The best one was walking proudly down the path to Happily Ever After with Erik by her side.

My parting words to you, my dear readers: Dream! Dream Big! Dream On! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t, that you shouldn’t, that some other “real” dream is better than the one burning in your heart.

Go forth with your head high and your fist tight ready to tackle the reality of life! Your dreams are the keys to your ambition. Guard them, cherish them, and in turn, they will guide you to the door of your success.


  • Thanks for the reminder to keep on dreaming because sometime we allow life and other peoples thoughts about our dreams to get in our way! I thank God that I have learned to lean on Him and not my own understanding. I still have a dream in my heart and I will not stop until that dream is realized. You have given me added motivation to keep my dream alive and keep working towards realizing it. Thanks Ana and like Michelle, I will not stop until my dream is realized. Once realized, it will give me room to dream some more! I am humbled, thank you!

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