Billionaire Island Brides

The books in the Billionaire Island Brides series are set on the fictitious island of Akilina in the South Caribbean. The first three books follow Greek-American billionaire alpha-male triplets. Rapheus, Neopheus, and Telepheus Giannopoulos, as they try to solve their family's three-hundred-plus-year tie to the island. What they discover will make them question their beliefs about who they think they are. But since these stories are romances, the brothers will of course fall helplessly and hopelessly in love with the feisty heroines who help them solve their mysteries and accept the truths about their identities.

These books are suspenseful and filled with emotion, depth, and personal and family-oriented challenges and drama that will make readers wonder just what might fall to the ground if they shook their family trees hard enough.

Fans of the bestselling Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls series, hold on to your hats: The Fabulous Four couples and their families will make special appearances in the Billionaire Island Brides--Akilina Connection trilogy. 

See you in Akilina, where restless souls find love...

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Where did you get the idea for the billionaire Island Brides series?

I have always wanted to write a romance series set in the Caribbean because I was born there and I wanted to write about my culture. But as I began to pen the first draft, I had a "What If?" moment that stemmed from my watching Marvel's Black Panther that was set in the fictitious and thriving African country of Wakanda--a country whose culture and lifestyle had not been touched nor influenced by Westerners.

I thought, what if there was an island in the Caribbean that was never colonized by Europeans? What if the Taino, or the Kalinago, or another sub-Indigenous peoples who lived on this island were left to practice their way of life and culture without outside influences and ideology? And so the idea of the thriving island of Akilina was born.

tell me more about Akilina--Size and location:

Akilina is situated in the South Caribbean. It is about 230 sq. miles, and borders the Atlantic on the east coast, and the Caribbean Sea on the west.

The island is actually culaturally and ethnically split in half. Somewhat like the French and Dutch sides of St. Marteen/St. Marten, and The Dominican Republic and Haitian sides of Hispaniola.

what is the ethnic make-up of the inhabitants of Akilina?

The descendants of former African enslaved people inhabit the western side, called Akilina, while the Megiri--a subgroup of Kalinago and Amerindian tribes--occupy the eastern side, which they call Ynoa.

Ynoa is the original name of the island and it means Land of Poisonous Trees because of the groves of Manchineel trees that still grow on the island to this day.

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