Billionaire Island Bride: Akilina Connection

The books in the Billionaire Island Brides series are set on the fictitious island of Akilina in the South Caribbean. These stories follow Greek-American billionaire triplets. Rapheus, Neopheus, and Telepheus Giannopoulos, as they try to solve their family's tie to the island. What they discover will make them question their beliefs about who they think they are.

These books are suspenseful and filled with emotion, drama, and personal and family-oriented challenges that will keep you glued to the pages until the very end.

On the beautiful Caribbean island of Akilina, the unyielding connection between Rapheus Giannopoulos and Xiomara Davenport make you believe that even in the darkest moments love is possible.
While on vacation in the Caribbean, Neopheus Giannopoulos pulls out all the stops to convince Calista Larson that he is the right man for her.

Welcome to Akilina

Where restless souls find love...
I have always wanted to write a romance series set in the Caribbean, primarily because I was born here and I wanted to share my culture. But as I began to write the first draft of Seduced by Passion, set on my native island of Nevis, I had a “What If?” moment that arose after seeing Marvel's Black Panther.

I thought, What If, like the fictitious African country of Wakanda whose culture and lifestyle had never been touched nor influenced by Westerners, there was an island in the Caribbean that was never colonized by Europeans? What if the Taino, the Kalinago, the Arawak, and other indigenous peoples who lived on this island were left to practice their way of life and culture without outside influences and ideology?

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