Billionaire Bride of Granite Falls

The books in the Billionaire Brides of Granite Falls series are suspenseful, steamy to extra-hot, and filled with family and personal drama. They feature four powerful, charming men, and four strong, independent women––affectionately known as The Fabulous Four and The Feisty Femmes among their devoted fans––who fight and love with equal passion.

If you love indulging in stories filled with emotion, passion and depth, you will love following Erik & Michelle, Bryce & Kaya, Massimo & Nia, and Adamo & Tashi as they fight and love their way to happiness.

A down-on-her luck nanny and a grieving widower cross every line to find love and happiness in this sizzling, modern day, Cinderella romance story.

An estranged aunt with legal rights and a doting godfather with emotional attachment must find a way to bring healing, security, and stability back to the lives of three little orphans in this tear-jerking romance about sacrifice and unconditional love.

A sassy school teacher and an infamous playboy try to out-smart each other in this wildly entertaining, passionate cat-and-mouse game of wits and love.

A woman on the run from some very bad people bumps into a love-shy billionaire who has sworn off damsels-in-distress in this sensual romance that quickens the heart and soothes the soul.

In this captivating series finale, the Fabulous Four couples and their growing families must face and solve life's unexpected challenges while trying to plan the spectacular group wedding of the decade.

Welcome to Granite Falls

 where happily ever after is the only acceptable climax...

Granite Falls is nestled at the foothills of the White Mountain National Range in Northern New Hampshire. The town's rich history is woven into the fabric of the American Industrial Revolution. The abundance of lakes and rivers surrounding the town served as vital sources of energy for burgeoning textile mills, propelling Granite Falls into prominence as a leading producer in the nation.

Granite Falls' transformation into a thriving mini metropolis can be traced back to the visionary decision of one of Massimo Andretti's ancestors. In a strategic move, he relocated Andretti Industries from New York to this remote mountain haven, forever imprinting the Andretti legacy on the town. This pivotal move served as a dynamic catalyst, sparking the interest of other influential manufacturers and businesses, including the Andreases, the Lacrosses, the Fontaines, and many more, who sought to capitalize on the unique blend of natural resources and entrepreneurial spirit, shaping Granite Falls into the vibrant community it is today.

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