Beyond Granite Falls

The books in the Beyond Granite Falls series (except for Loving Yasmine that is set in Boston), take place in Evergreen, the sister town of Granite Falls. These are suspenseful, steamy, second-chance romances, featuring alpha males, and career women, whom they had inadvertently hurt in the past.

So, if you love these types of stories, you will love following Robert, Chase, and Galen as they do everything in their power to win back the loves of their lives: Yasmine, Desire, and Mindy.

Loving Yasmine Cover for book sales
A divorce attorney who no longer believes in happily-ever-after and a self-made billionaire who does, try to find a happy medium and recapture their magic and passion in this sizzling, spellbinding second-chance romance.
In this wildly entertaining, super spicy read, a self-made, bad-boy billionaire returns to his hometown to claim the one woman he has ever loved, only to find her engaged to his brother... Now what should he do?
Misunderstanding and miscommunication lead to betrayal and heartache in this sizzling, suspenseful, second-chance romance about a single mother of two and a bastard heir who must learn to forgive and find their way back to each other.

Welcome to Evergreen

where love is forever young...
Evergreen is the sister town of Granite Falls. They were established around the same time, but because Granite Falls have more rivers and lakes that provided electricity for the many factories that popped up during the Industrial Revolution era, it developed faster than Evergreen.

However over the last few years, a lot of attention had been given to Evergreen, and this sleepy little town began developing and coming into its own. 

Evergreen received a cosmetic makeover when Chase Hunter from Desire's Chase returned to his home town and began fixing up old and abandoned mill factories and turning them into homes and businesses, and also building homes along the shores of the lakes. 

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