Behind the Scenes: Caught in the Act in Seduced by Passion

If you have read my books, you know my characters are pretty much developed and know each other very well before they fall into bed, or hop on an elevator, or clear the dining table—wherever the fire strikes... but Raph and Xio are getting on my nerves with their dilly-dallying... and playing it safe attitude.

It's page 200 (paperback) and they still have not made love, although they've had some close encounters, and one hot and steamy showdown that I had the pleasure of witnessing. I was fanning myself. They are naughty… That’s in the book.

Anyway, I went back and checked my latest releases, just for comparison. Chase and Desire in Desire's Chase did not get it together until page 215, (remember that fiery elevator showstopper), and Galen and Mindy in Pleasing Mindy waited until page 235, (do you recall that dining table showdown on her textbooks)? Riding an elevator and doing homework took on new meanings for both Desire and Mindy in those scenes. Rob and Yas in Loving Yasmine had their first encounter really early, because, as you know, they were doing it, way before their story began. So, I guess Raph and Xio are right on track. I forgive them, I suppose.

They will be coming together soon... Coming together... Oooh-la-la. Sexy... Getting shivers just thinking about it.

In the meantime: Here’s a conversation I overheard that they had no idea I was privy to, until… well, you'll see:

Raph: Why don’t you want to get up close and personal with me, Xiomara?

Xio: Because you’re a playboy, and I’ve been hurt before. Twice.

Raph: I won’t hurt you, baby. I would pleasure you, over, and over again until you beg me to stop.

Xio: That’s what I’m afraid of.

Raph: I thought you said you were afraid of getting hurt. If you’re into rough tumbles, I can do those, too. Just make up your mind already, and let’s get to it. I’m so hot for you, Xiomara Davenport.

Xio: Don’t do that.

Raph: Don’t do what?

Xio: Touch me like that.

Raph: Like this?

Xio: Mmmm... Yeah, like that...

Raph. You like it...

Xio: I don't want...

Raph: Look at you. You’re trembling, and your nipples…

It was staring to get steamy when Xio’s little sister caught me standing outside the office with my ear glued to the door. She yelled out to them that I was eavesdropping.

That Akilah gets on my damn nerves. Doesn't the girl know not to disturb an author at work? For crying out loud, I was doing research. Argh!!!

A mortified Raph and Xiomara swore me to secrecy and asked me not to include their off-stage conversation in the book. I promised. You will not see it in the book.

But I’m an author. I hear things; I see things; I write about things. Good thing this is a blog and not a book. They should have made me promise not to share their raunchy, off-scene romantic affair anywhere, but they didn’t. So...

And in turn, I’m swearing you to secrecy. I trust you not to tell anyone…

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